Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pataki: Cavuto's great white hope against Texas

by Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 9/15/11

Recently, Neil Cavuto of Fox Business has been all up in the grills about the wonders of George Pataki, former governor of NY. Imus was less impressed, like he couldn't remember who he was and when it did come to mind the first impression was political corruption. Imus is a NY touchstone of common folk; much as the Daily News was say 80 years ago. First impressions are most important. When Pataki appeared last night on Cavuto he ran through his plan to save the economy. Old news now after a few debates because nothing is in it that is not well aired and better prepared by so many. The purpose of the visit seemed to be Neil's exit comment: “Why don't you run for President?”

With some fanfare Pataki almost did announce earlier in the month, but cancelled his big Iowa speech when Texas governor Rick Perry took all the air out of the room. Cavuto sees Pataki perhaps as the last man standing in the anti-Perry genre. Fear stalks the heart of upper New Jersey where Soprano shrink Dr. Jennifer Melfi lives; Upper Montclair, I think it is, when they see cowboy boots. Those brought up when only two teams mattered in baseball, the Yankees and the Red Sox and only two families in politics, those who vacation in Nantucket and those who vacation in Kennebunkport. Sooner or later they will have to face, in Pauli Walnuts phrase, “Jesusland” or the space between the Garden State Parkway and Tahoe.

But Chris Christie is too fat and Romney is a Mormon. And Jeb Bush really, as he said with sincerity on Cavuto earlier, does not want to be president. But still, Rove & his surreptitious littles persists in finding the viable anti-Perry. And Cavuto seems to be helping. It is not Pataki.

If you wanted a composite Reagan/Ron Paul candidate to go against Perry, Lew Lehman would be an authentic attempt and authenticity works best. And Lehman is as authentic as Perry and so is Romney. But the Jews in Brooklyn this week did not ditch the Weiner/Clinton proxy for George Pataki. They might have seen Rick Perry rising on the horizon.

Perry should head to Brooklyn, pronto; Juniors, Flatbush, Bensonhurst. Talk to the old Jews direct in the old neighborhoods who this week ditched their century-long, Europe-brought political sensibility. South Philly, Fishtown too because as goes Bensonhurst, so goes South Philly. Stay with the working class; stay in Pauli Walnuts territory. Authenticity rises from there. See how the old school likes him. Passion is rising now and Perry brings it.

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