Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden? Vote Gary Johnson. Bring back Rick Perry

When I voted absentee for Gary Johnson yesterday here in New Hampshire I noticed that he was prominently displayed  on the ballot; Obama to the left, Gary in center and Romney stuck over to the right. Your eyes fell directly on Gary Johnson. Which is a good as the most important event in this election is the third party presence: Johnson is on ballot in all 50 states, this for the first time for a third party. If he pulls five to seven percent he will shift voted away from Romney to Obama and send Obama back with no mandate. We face disaster ahead, but the world has to begin again sometime and both these mainstream establishment parties are geared to the world which rose between 1913 and 1943. They are geared well to a time that has passed.

The Republican Party is no longer a "conservative" party. It is an "anti-liberal" party and there is a difference. Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham - the thinking red neck's Rush - have stated clearly that they intend to challenge the existence of the Republican Party if Romney fails. The big race is ahead in 2016 with conservatives facing either Hillary or Elizabeth Warren - but the big event will be the Republican primary: Christie/Bush - the Eastern Conservative Establishment - will challenge Sarah Palin who is pulling now the ideas of Judge Andrew Napolitano,  Ron Paul, The Tenth Amendment Center (she calls herself a “constitutional conservative”) and .Gary Johnson. Hillary v. Palin in 2016 or Warren v. Palin. In either case, Palin wins 2016 after eight years of Obama has driven America into the ground economically. America then enters a neo-Jacksonian era and the heartland rises to confidence.

But Rick Perry should have his hat in this. He started the anti-fed movement with a cry from the heart at The Alamo on tax day, 2009, of “States rights, states’ rights, states’ rights!” and with his great book "Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington." Gary Johnson's stump speech is right out of the Rick Perry playbook; 50 states as laboratories for democracy and creativity. Rick Perry should take it from here even if it means going against the Republican establishment. And possibly Perry, focusing on the heartland states sympathetic to his method – well over 30 of them – and ignoring the rest, is the only one who can gather the needed momentum for a new direction for America through STATES RIGHTS, SOUND MONEY and CONSTITUIONAL GOVERNMENT.

I was one of the first in our era to call for states’ rights, sound money and constitutional government and I wrote at the beginning that Rick Perry should enter because these ideas could be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands. The danger is greater today. Today, America could fall apart.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Moshe Feiglin: Arrested for praying at Temple Mount

Letter to the editor of: "Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin":
My friend Moshe Feiglin has been arrested again for praying at Temple Mount. (Jerusalem Post, Oct. 7, 2012: Moshe Feiglin arrested for praying on Temple  Mount.) For more than 500 years now European Jews have turned around and headed collectively in a return to Jerusalem. It is one of the  most important epic journeys in the history of the human condition and it is divinely inspired. But the last 100 yards, to Temple Mount, seem to be the most difficult. Yet this is now and always has been about Temple Mount and can not be about anything else: The journey back cannot be seen as anything but the entry upon a sacred state and one that began thousands of years ago at Temple Mount - the place which marks the human coniunctio; the marriage at the sacred beginning marked by its Temple - and this, the journey, will end again at Temple Mount and begin again for Jews and for those of us on the outside, Time.

One of the first pieces I wrote about Moshe was titled Arrested for Praying, 2/22/10, The Hill. I wrote then:
 "Since Sept. 11, 2001, there has been a greater sense that the fate of Jerusalem is America’s fate. Obama should take on Iran with its nuclear ambitions and intense hatred of Israel because it is right and needs to be done and if he doesn’t, Mitt Romney will do it in 2012 as his first act as president. Or maybe not. He said he’d have to talk to his lawyers first. But Sarah Palin might.

"When this action is successfully completed, discussion can begin about the centermost place and purpose of Israel, where Jews from everywhere in the world — after attempts to extinguish them throughout Europe (Germany, Vichy France, Poland, Russia) failed — were allowed in post-war to return on an inner journey to their cosmic beginnings, but unbelievably, forbidden to pray when they got to the vortex, the Temple Mount. 'Every religious looking Jew who ascends the Temple Mount is accompanied by a Moslem wakf attendant and an Israeli policeman, who together, scrutinize his/her lips. A Jew who is suspected of praying is detained or immediately arrested,' Moshe Feiglin, of the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction in the Likud party, reports.

"This is where the discussion will begin again or perhaps where real discussion will begin for the first time, at the “temple that does not exist,” the source from which the entirety of the Western world (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Muslim) awakened these past 2,000 years."