Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jimmy Carter’s twisted global caliphate

By Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 9/14/11

Will Jimmy Carter (and Hillary and Obama) conquer Jerusalem before Hamas? They are today teamed together with Hamas in their desire for a Palestinian state inside Israel. It is one of the most astonishing abuses of American power in the post-war world, possibly in the history of the world. The sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael, team up against their cosmic father to conquer Jerusalem for themselves. In time, Muslims have attempted to conquer Jerusalem. Christians have as well. Never since the Second Temple have they united to do so together, until today.

I am not a Christian but support Jerusalem exactly as former New York Mayor Ed Koch stated recently in an Op Ed: An attack on Israel is an attack on America. That, simply and logically, because of 9/11. As with Pearl Harbor, we did not choose our enemy, our enemy chose us. And without question, the enemy of Israel today has chosen us to be his enemy as well.

And since it is not mine I make no claim to Jerusalem as both Christians like Carter, (and presumably) Hillary and Obama do and Hamas terrorists do. In fact, they have now become allies, both with eyes on Jerusalem.

Since we have heard much from the “born again” perspective, here's a thought from a Buddhist perspective; from my perspective. In archetypal terms, the relationship between Jews and Christians and Muslims is based on the story of Abraham, Father of the Hebrew passage and widely in the current MSM perspective called the “father” of all three of these religions. I see that as a false and malevolent expedient of the recently politicized American Christians and their current power grab attempts on Jerusalem. Abraham is not the father of Christians. Not the father of Muslims. He is the father of Jews. That all are one and equal – Jew, Christian, and Muslim - is a Jeffersonianized (or Oprahized) edition of late, deist Protestantism; new world thinking in which all are equal and all have a say in each others lives. But in archetypal terms, which many Buddhists use, the Father is a mythic and timeless figure never to be equal to the children. The children live in time. The children live in the orchard as did Adam and Eve. The Jews live in timelessness. They are guardians and keepers of the Tree itself.

So it may be as Sir James George Frazer says, that it is the desire of every generation to cut down the sacred Tree, as George Washington did, so as to take the realm from the Father and claim it for themselves. This can only be what Carter and his Hamas friends are up to in their preoccupation with the Holy Land and their pending conquest of Jerusalem.

Israel’s troubles started with Jimmy Carter. They amplify today with Obama. But their claims on Jerusalem are as irrelevant as Glenn Beck’s and as malevolent as those of Hamas. That an American president who calls himself a Christian would use his power to dominate the cosmic realm which rises in time and recedes from time at Temple Mount would be the greatest blasphemy in history. If it wasn’t such a joke.

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