Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bring the Churchill bust back
by Bernie Quigley

For The HIll on 10/15/11

Question to Republican hopefuls: Would you bring the Churchill bust back to the White House?

What was the real purpose of division between the U.S. and England during the American Revolution? Trade? Taxes? Or something more? At its mythical core we might look to Sir James George Frasier who wrote that one of the central-most myths of a rising people is the cutting down of father's tree so as to make one's own generation rise in the world. And this mythical significance is found in Washington, who could not tell a lie but had no problem with random vandalism; he chopped down the tree on behalf of his revolutionary generation.

Taxes and trade seem to be taking care of themselves. But if the only purpose of the American Revolution was to be separate culturally from England so as to grow our own tree, maybe we should think that through again. Because we fully bonded once again with the mother country when Winston Churchill brought us kicking and screaming to defend against German fascism.

Today, the spirit of Anglosphere flows uninhibited across the Atlantic and as far west as Australia. It is revealed in the final episodes that Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, drew her sword of discrimination from a stone put there in Arthur’s time by the Earth Mother herself. Dr. Who freely traverses time and the cosmos to the Andromeda soul of the universe and Chef Ramsay beats us out of lethargy. Neil Gaiman, possibly the greatest living writer, who has my kids lining up to see him, comes again from England. No surprise as Tolkien turned the mythic corner post-war and the rising generation’s creation myth is from that medievalist trickster/shaman Harry Potter. So Catherine and William are for us as well. This culture flows smoothly. It is not globalism. It is not Europe, Christendom, “the West” or the “global village” or HIllaryland or Bill’s pathologically named “global initiative.” It is not an abstraction or a political construct. It is who we are. It is tribal and it is the tribe from which we emerged.

Two telling details: As a New York disk jockey observed at the time, there was question how The Beatles would be taken in America because the French sensation Johnny Holliday "couldn't get arrested " in America. Jim Rogers, the legendary investor said at the global crash in 2008 that "London and New York" were finished. He didn't say Boston and New York because Boston and New York have never been connected. The true psychological state of old soul/new soul has always been London and New York.

This is the natural history of the English-speaking people. It should be symbolized by the bust of Winston Churchill which was sent to the White House after 9/11. Sent back later by Barack Obama.

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