Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elizabeth Warren, the anti-Palin, Pt. 2

by Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 10/27/11

Elizabeth Warren went up against the winged monkeys a week ago when she referred to herself as a hick, commenting on her Harvard association and how that may alienate the Fenway public. She called herself an “elite hick” and the cries of pain went up from the hick anti-defamation league. The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia were particularly offended.

But that is precisely how she got here. Warren in the anti-Palin conjured here in New England to defend against the rising life-force of the heartland these past two years; since February, 2009, precisely, when New Hampshire state rep. Dan Itse first challenged Obamacare on a Jeffersonian (Kentucky Resolutions) defense and 29 states followed suit. All red states, all hicks.

The rise of Grizzly Mama brought them together and brought shock and awe to the unbearably light sensibilities of the Nantucket eloi.

Like Palin, Warren seems to be made of stronger stuff.

Raised in hard scrabble Oklahoma, she brought heartland to Harvard Yard. A waitress during college, she worked her way through like the best of us. Like Sarah Palin.

Warren shouldn’t back away from claims that she framed the Occupy movement. As Cavuto said to Rick Perry on Tuesday, “You sound like the Occupy crowd.” As Perry was the first governor, back in December, 2008 – the Bush period – to publicly oppose and opposition then when in Virginia calls against came in 10 to one as those of Occupy now.

But before we had Palin we had Jim Webb of Virginia who, when Mark Warner was governor of Virginia, first brought anti- Wall Street rural rustification to contemporary politics.

A tobacco-chewing, gun toting, proud-to-be-Scotch-Irish warrior novelist from the way far hills and hollows of westernmost Virginia.

But the country wasn’t ready to start again and the best of the new Democrats like Wesley Clark and the old like Russ Feingold were passed over as the Democrats wasted away again in Hillaryland.

They/we may be ready now; ready to begin again with Elizabeth Warren.

This is the second time rustification has happened in America. The first after the Colonial period when the east rusticated to defend against Andrew Jackson. Prediction for this time: If Herman Cain is elected President in 2012, Elizabeth Warren will be elected in 2016.

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