Friday, October 27, 2006

Lost, 10/25/06 Henry Gale is Linus

It is learned that the Others live on a different island. There are two islands, as there are two stones, black and white. We know that there is a submarine as well - classically, in dreams a submarine represents a journey into the Unconscious ("We all live in a Yellow Submarine."). The islands form an actual tai chi. Jack is sent to operate on his Other counterpart, Henry Gale - who is sick and suffering from a tumor. As one stone is strong, the other is in remission - it is the way of Tao and the explaination of tai chi. Henry Gale - the name taken from the uncle in The Wizard of Oz - is really named Ben (in Hebrew, "Son of") Linus. Named, no doubt, after he who seeks the Pumpkin of Higher Power & the sincere Pumpkin Patch. Desmond develops intuitive powers and joins Mr. Eko and John Locke as one of the Three. See The Three Celestial Ones on Quigley in Exile.