Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday: Russia gets there first

By Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 4/6/12

The front page of the New York Times this morning had a photo of Patriarch Krill I, of the Russian Orthodox Church, in a photo that had been doctored by the church’s web site because he in the original picture had been wearing an expensive gold watch. Since I do not go to church, I could not imagine the editorial judgment for what appears to be a classic preacher-with-his-hand-in-the-collection-basket story making the front-page of the New York Times. Bill Clinton has 50 gold watches and they tend not to notice. And why a story about a religious figures as far away as Russia? Because today is Good Friday. And this is their commentary.

Meanwhile, the headline on Drudge this afternoon is that Tim Tebow will deliver the Easter sermon on Sunday at the Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas, and 30,000 are expected to attend.

This seems to e the difference today between North and South. The South goes to church. And if the NYTs is to be representative, it should be said that here in the northeast there is a subliminal loathing or contempt, but it is not clear if this loathing is toward the religious or for religion itself. Tibetan monks have a delightful place today right by my old office on 31st st and the dharma path seems almost identical to torah guidance of the followers of Dov Ber, but the globalist overview is largely anti-Semitic as well.

UK actress Emma Thompson headlines “Boycott Israel”. Author Jack Engelhard writes “It’s a much simpler cause and the declaration is simple enough, to boycott Israel not from Toronto and not from London, but rather to boycott all Jews from the face of the earth.”

Does Bono speak for Ireland when he illustrates is plan to break up Israel in the pages of the NYTs? No, he speaks for the Times and he speaks for the “world” in the abstract. As does Samantha Power when she speaks on behalf of the Obama administration. And when Lady Gaga marches in Rome to oppose the Roman Catholic Church’s moral law she without question does so as an agent of the American state department as the Secretary of State eased her path.

And does it come as a surprise that the German apologist G√ľnter Grass, who hid his Waffen-SS past sees Israel as a threat to world peace asks Benjamin Netanyahu?

These are all globalists; people without place, or people who have left their place behind. Possibly it is that whenever there is a measure of the New Man, the Globalist, the ubermench, there will every time be accompanied a measure of anti-Semitism. The Globalist may be the last of the last millennium’s “New Men.” And in a few years we will be free of it.

The Russians were the first to embrace the “New Man” and today’s suburban Raskolnikovs seem pale by contrast. But it does seem helpful that they have found their roots again with Patriarch Krill as it binds them to place and to the ancestors. It is a way of going home and the Jews in Israel are doing so as well. Possibly they have got their first and the rest will likewise follow.

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