Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Last Night on Lost: John Locke is the Aquarian

Feb. 19 - 09

Last night's Lost: This story told like a dream; as a dream reveals itself -- suggests coming from teh Unconscious. As in the detail last night in which Jack takes his father's shoes -- wing tips; work shoes -- and puts them on the deaed John Locke in the coffin. John Locke has been on the way to being the "new father" to a "born again" to belief Jack.

As in Twilight, this epic reverseed the "empty crypt" myth - a Silence of God myth - of the vampire tradition (we cook in the crypt for the rising Christ but find instead an empty crypt). We know John Locke will rise out of the coffin to awaken the age.

As Christian said to John Locke, he must turn the style because the axle is "off centerr" -- John Locke re-aligns the constellations.

John Locke, it is plain now, is the Aquarian. As Ben tells Jack, he is a "proxy" as Jesus is a proxy; he fulfills the mythic passage on our behalf.

Ben reads James Joyce's Ulysses on the way back to the island.

IN this episode a painting of Thomas putting his finger in the Christ wound (much as Ben had in season two) is on the wall. Ben relates to Jack that Thomas offered that they should all go their deaths with Jesus. It is reflected that the six in returning to the island are likewise apostles following John Locke into death and rebirth.