Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin in Pants: comment to Ted at The Hill

Ted: There was potentially a change in venue and archetype with Sarah Palin; like the awakening of a holistic inner life when Victoria was queen – to my grandmother she was more the mother than her real mother and every Englishman felt part of her family. Another possibility was of a new Jacksonian populism awakening Alaska-style which would have been nice – but McCain is prone to the work of the Trickster and its mercurial play and that might have been his motivation. Palin’s mistake was in letting the squids who compose these public presentations put her in pants – they worship at the altar of Kali, the Death Mother. She wore a skirt and was free, natural, womanly and instinctive at her VP speech and came in with enough personal references – Dick Morris, William Kristol, David Brooks – to assume she had at least entry-level ballast as Alaskan governor. The interviews with Katie Couric are disastrous – but she also seemed paralyzed by the format, reading talking points and injecting them randomly into the discussion while she wasn’t in the VP speech. The debate with Biden is the defining moment and McCain’s last chance for the nomination. My prediction is that if she comes out in pants McCain is finished. If she gets back to herself and ignores the squids they still have a very slight chance.

- more ahead on this.