Thursday, August 03, 2006

Waiting for Arnold, Part II (photo by master photographer Annie Leibowitz)

At the end of this cosmic age Vishnu will change into a white horse and create a new world. This refers to Pegasus, who ushers in the Aquarian Age. - Carl Jung

My comments on the Fourth Turning Forum on the Red State Confederacy and Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"The so-called Culture Wars are a Civil War by other strategies - now between red states and blue states; Clinton and Allen are both [ideologs] and warriors in that war. The South rejects "Logos"-based New Englanders & New Yorkers - that is, those who characterise the Enlightenment (intellect, head-based - analysis) tradition in New Engalnd - Kennedys (all), Kerry, etc., & Hillary too. But the South would accept pure management types of the North not exclusively in the tradition like New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg (who is Jewish) and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (who is Mormon & campaigns as a Western rancher). Southerners are "Eros" (intuitive, faith, heart-based chakra; empathy) types and will accept Logos leadership, but it has to come from the West - [Eisenhower,] Nixon, Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. My prognosis is that this seculum [the 80-year post-war period Roman historians note as autonomous historical periods] will end somehow with Arnold at the helm."

Alors, but a perceptive reader named Marx and Lennon says Wahhhhh! :

"I see no possibility of a Consitutional Amendment to allow the Terminator to run for President, so a President Ah-nuld is not very likely," says s/he or they.

And I sez, Alors!:

"Two Republican Presidents from the West within this saeculum have carried 49 states (and the only states not voting for Eisenhower in '56 were arch conservative yellow dog Democrat states in the Bible Belt, which are all deeply conservative and Republican today). Both held majorities far beyond that needed for amending & Eisenhower could have easily amended had he needed to. Arnold Schwarzenegger has in the last three weeks taken leadership in opposition to Bush on stem cell and environment. There are now two Republican parties; "Old South" Republicans and "New West" or Independent Republicans (Mike Bloomberg of NY, Arnold in CA). When Blair came to U.S. last week he spent the first morning with Bush and much of the rest of the week with Arnold and his advisor, George Schultz in CA. With Arnold as Secretary of State in a Mike Bloomberg/Mitt Romney cabinet, amending would be a piece of cake and it would insure the "New West" Republicans at least 16 years of governance. Momentum has been going West since Eisenhower (who was a Texan)."