Saturday, July 24, 2010

Secretary Clinton: America’s Kim Jong-il. Ron Paul makes sense.

She has come to her moment of crisis: Gunboat diplomacy, toe to toe with her equal and opposite counterpart: North Korea’s Kim Jong-il.

Every great leader finds her or his dark double: Churchill/Hitler, Roosevelt/Stalin, Napolean/Wellington. The Hindus say you share a room with him in heaven. Hillary has found hers: South Korea’s dear leader, Kim Jong-il.

How much they have in common. They made their way through family connection. They have a cult following. Their legasy is riddled with corruption from the beginning. They studied Marx in their youth – Hillary wrote her senior thesis on Alinsky during the social revolution ( ‘ . . . chicks up front!”) of the Sixties. They see the world as masses, not peoples. They won’t go away.

The world today resembles the yin/yang symbol with the river line between dividing North Korea from South Korea. The North, essence and proxy agent for China, just to the left. The South, essence and proxy agent for the United States over to the right. And there this weekend in the jewel heart at the center stand Hillary and Kim Jong-il. Mano a mano, as it were.

Hillary’s closest Democratic agents advise her – I have heard them – that America would be in a better place in these wars if we had a draft. It would be more democratic. Everyone would share the burden, the blame and responsibility. It would be just like the Roosevelt era, with Fred and Ginger dancing in top hat and tails. And they will need a draft to war in Asia.

But here is where Hillary is different from Obama. Obama is normal. But there is now and always has been with the Clintons and their generation of followers, something corrupt and fundamentally unstable. It manifests in allowing the suggestion of war in Asia to even surface.

Gunboats in the South China Sea, soldiers into the Punjab . Every day in every way, Ron Paul makes more sense.

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