Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gone: America declares itself to be god - draft
The symbolism in itself is enough to gag a horse. Bill Clinton declares himself priest to perform a wedding between a Jew and a Muslim in NY, hopefully bringing peace to the Middle East via divine fiat. My Israeli friends want to break with America before it is too late. They are serious grownups with children and grandchildren. They who have always been a serious people no longer consider us to be a serious people and feel the shared relationship could now destroy Israel. This is why. But it is to be expected today in our country when we substitute pop stars for gods and politics for religion. We have declared ourselves to be gods.
Something ended this week. We clearly need a new beginning. It might start with a sacrifice: Possibly Buckeye state Governor Ted Strickland and Senator Sherrod Brown whose televised pleas in song to the Real King James were a public embarrassment to a free people could more humanely be sent to the Great White North and left on ice floes naked and alone.
It is hard to put into perspective now what has happened here and what has been happening here for a long time. “Time” magazine, for example, reports that the Tea Party movement was started by a Fox reporter, but journalists never start anything and MSM journalists never have. They prevent things from starting.
In the absence of real reporting, we are left like the Thermians in the clever movie “Galaxy
Quest” to discern what is really going on by the headlines and TV images. How were they to know that Star Trek was not a historic record and Captain Kirk was only wearing a costume, not a uniform?
Observations today from TV bring certain assumptions about America: Black people do really well here. Not only is the president black, but all the gods are black. Even the white god Clinton was declared black at deification. When he left his human form last year, The Gloved One officially played on the light media much longer that the death of Jack Kennedy, longer than the deaths of Victoria and Lincoln played in the papers. Within a year, altars spontaneously sprung up in Washington, D.C. To this day, they play his music everywhere: In grocery stores, in cars, in the bathroom and the kitchen, everywhere. Even in church. It is impossible to get away from it.
But banner headlines of newspapers tell the historic tale by their size and spread: The Death of Lincoln, the Signing at Appomattox. Twelve Days that Shook the World, Mao’s Long March. Victory over fascism in Germany and Japan. The assassination of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, Jr. But there had never been a headline or a page spread in all of American history like the one last week when the very tall and competent Real King James left. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, which once was a real newspaper, pictured this god with his back to us walking away from top of the page to the bottom with nothing else on the page but this bold, historic headline: “Gone.”
And that apparently was the end of things. Too bad. The dance of light and honor was too difficult. The competition – China - too tough to face. Reality never had a chance.