Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three astrological levels on the TV show “Lost” – Sawyer and Kate are the Adam and Eve of Aquarius

As we cross into the Age of Aquarius out of the Age of Pisces, three levels of astrological time are present, going back 6,000 years to the time of Jacob. During the run of the series Jacob and his Shadow, Man in Black, the smoke monster are the old protectors of the light. Ben Linus and Richard Albert are their external agents in the world. Ben – identified as the Christ in the second season by the chest wound and the book, Brother’s K – representing the beginning of the Age of Pisces with Richard Alpert, known as Baba Ram Dass in the Sixties, representing the end – he started the hippie movement with Timothy Leary, his co-professor at Harvard.

Entering Aquarius now with Jacob dead and the smoke monster transferred to John Locke, Jack, son of “Christian Shepherd” takes the role of Guardian. The external agents here should be Desmond (who played Jesus in an earlier movie) and Hurley – both these have avatar karma – Hurley speaks to the Unconscious direct; listens to the dead, while Desmond, like Brahma is immune to the peaks (Vishnu) and troughs (Shiva) of the light. Leaving Kate and Sawyer to be the new Adam and Eve of Aquarius.