Monday, January 16, 2006

Note to Sirensong: RE The Three Celestial Dweebs & Kali, the Death Mother (Bitch-on-Wheels, chopped and channeled, rolled and pleated, with Lakers, Moon Disks and Fender Skirts)

At the moment my feeling comes that we are entering a new phase . . . the Iraq business will end up much like the Mexican War – as Grant said, it was an egregious war of the Strong against the Weak, but only those who participated would go forward thereafter into the future. Incompetent though he may be, Bush has turned a corner. Action was the first initiative – a heart-driven movement; The Heart acts at the expense of the Head, but it’s presence is more crutial than competence. Competence, like Intelligence can be purchased by the pound (much like muscle was purchased 100 years ago). That is his weakness - as a purchasing agent - and in the end, it is a secondary weakness. Germany has signed on to a new agenda and this week Canada will with the election of Stephen Harper. The West is in the wake of these actions now and frightened now perhaps because of Iran. Strauss and Howe’s book The Fourth Turning, plugs it: we face a turning in our moment, and all past is past and all new is new. The Republicans are going both directions – into corruption with torture themes, disgracing the integrity of the Land of the Free, and at the same time, into reform themes. But McCain and Lindsay Graham save the day for them and for America and the West. It is virtually impossible for Democrats who endorced Bush’s war to criticize his strategies. Rove knows it. (It is the oldest trick in the book – when you hire a new College President, give him the free membership to the Country Club which doesn’t allow Blacks and Jews. If he takes the free dinner, you have him by the cajones and he belongs to you.) For myself I see only Mark Warner among the Democrats, but he is considered by many in Virginia to be in fact a Moderate Republican. Why would the country chose him when there is a group of competent people coming up who are actual Moderate Republicans, like my own worthy Senator John Sununu, who are doing the reforming and are allied with our American folk hero and Gray Champion, John McCain? – Mitt Romney, George Pataki, Did Somebody Say Arnold? And would Warner succeed in this new realm? Perhaps. But everytime I see the tv ad of three dweebs dancing to a Boom Box in a corporate office between cell phone calls I get a kick out of it but I also get the willies and a small pain near the back of my head on the left. I personally feel that to grow up you have to enter the Doubtful War on instinct, trust you luck, and walk straight into the bullets without asking and get shot to pieces with your life hanging on by a thread and come home in a basket of broken parts. Die once without asking then start again with nothing to become a man. That way it stays with you in a kind of permanent condition of strength/faith/innocence/obedience – the benign condition of adulthood. That would be Wesley Clark. I volunteered for him here in New Hampshire in the primary and was constantly impressed by his quiet face. I’d like to see the world begin again with Wes. But only daily Kos and New Hampshire red necks like myself seem to like him. Myself I hope to get back to my sheep pretty soon. When you return from India’s sincere Pumpkin Patch you must bring some seedlings with you while there are still some left. ‘Tis not only the West which is trading up its soul for a cell phone.

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