Sunday, March 04, 2012

End the Republican Party; start the Ron Paul party

By Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 3/4/12

Conrad Black, the conservative editor of the NY Sun, says the first words Fidel Castro has ever uttered that he has agreed with are those recently published on his blog in which he opined that the current republican race is one of the most inane and stupid events in modern world history. George Will says they should just let it go until 2016. And the editors of the Washington Post say Republicans can no longer avoid their Limbaugh problem. Good news for President Obama who remains at 60% at Intrade. Indeed, they may begin to ask if there will even be a 2016 for Republicans. The constant rant from Limbaugh and his mindless others on the radio waves suggests the tailwind of a lost cause, like the bitter wind that persisted followed the Civil War with Nathan Bedford Forest and the Ku Klux Klan, and the Brown Shirts after WW I.

The beginning of wisdom, said William F. Buckley, Jr., quoted by George Will in the weekend Post, is “fear of the Lord.” Maybe, but not my experience. That, I think, is the problem with the current batch of Republicans formed by Buckley and Will: They see the wrath before they see the glory. They enter life by way of the shadow. Now, I question whether their shadow play can survive. But the Pauls seem different.

Consider that we see actual conservatism with the rise of Ron Paul like we have never seen it here before since Kennedy, since before Roosevelt, since ever.

The beginning of a new conservative period rises today and Ron Paul and son Rand have by now institutionalized the new thinking and it will not go away as it is the rising political culture of the young, and it makes sense. Forget about 2012 and 2016 and start a new party. Call it something else; the Conservative Party or the Federalist Party. It will help explain what these words mean again or maybe for the first time.

If Obama wins he will bide his time. The mainstream establishment featuring Jeb Bush, his ready sidekick New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the Weekly Standard crew immediately stage their 2016 comeback but are ignored. History passed them by in 2012. A new conservative youth culture arises featuring Ron Paul, Constitutional government, state sovereignty and regional rights and responsibility. Rand Paul/Judge Napolitano 2016 awakens a new America era and runs the century.

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