Thursday, April 01, 2010

WSJ calls for Constitutional Convention

As Karl Rove, dick Armey and others try to steal the fire of the Tea Party, the singularly good idea, and a thorouly origin one, that might find a place in this group, is suggested in the op-ed pages of the WSJ today: A Constitutional Convention.
This weekend, Michael Reagan, osn of Ron, hopes to lead 200,000 in a tax revolt to D,C. That’s good, but Reagan is not a Tea Party leader. This is a new zeitgeist that might officially be considered to have gotten its start on April 15, last year at The Alamo. Present were Glenn Beck, Rick Perry and performer Ted Nuggent. Sarah Palin should also be considered the charmed spirit of the group, but none of these can really be identified exclusively by the wants and needs of the Tea Party, and each individually is larger than the identification of the group. Of these, Perry, who is up for reelection in November, has most succinctly and professionally discussed the issues perttenent to the groups and their basis in the Constitution and the Texan and American traditions. He should add to the contours of his reelection campaign the call for a Constitutional Convention.