Friday, December 04, 2009

Kos, Dems, UFOs, Father William: Five easy pieces . . .

by Bernie Quigley

- for The Hill on 1/4/09

In an editorial in The Hill this week Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos cites a poll which suggests devastating consequences ahead for Democrats. Before Barack Obama arrived on the scene Kos provided Democrats with new thinking for an intelligent and substantive Democratic party without Marx, Jesus or Bill Clinton by promoting moderates and originals like Virginia Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb, Jon Tester, Senator from Montana, and former NATO chief Wesley Clark.

This grouping featured managing excellence (Warner as governor of Virginia), courage (Webb) character and leadership (Clark), an earthy Jacksonian spirit of the heartland (Tester) and esprit (Major Tammy Duckworth – Moulistas, an army veteran, was the founder of Fighting Dems which helped Iraq war veterans get elected to Congress).

Obama is clever but a poor manager and the price will be high. But in all sincerity it is not his fault. His most important feature in 2008 was that he was not Hillary Clinton. He was drafted to circumvent her nomination and the Democrats’ certain loss in the general election. Obama agreed to be the team’s fall guy and may have saved the Democrats from total destruction. The Democrats’ problems today are the price of a former president with 50 gold watches and an Elvis complex who refused to leave the building. Moulitsas might give his new party idea another try.


The darkening drama of Obama and his nefarious Chicago crew suggests that classic Twilight Zone episode in which a UFO lands with a manuscript “to serve man.” Further investigation reveals it to be a cook book. Most troubling about Obama’s new war plan is that it seems to have been prepared not by the war department but by the public relations department. Strategic deception is this gang‘s fundamental approach. Announce a new troop buildup as prelude to an exit strategy. Much like the application of a vast, fatal bailout program then sending the Decepticons around when elections approach to talk vigorously about the need to reduce the deficit.


Being non-theological and following only the master who warns about priests and holy men, my idea of the one true church is any which keeps families together. Because that is what keeps the soul together. So I would be disappointed in seeing Mike Huckabee leaving the political discussion as it heads to 2012. But the tragic twist of fate near Seattle that left four police officers dead will cast a shadow as it is reported that he long ago granted clemency to the alleged killer for other crimes. Huckabee won the straw poll at the Voters Values Summit in September.


The most influential populist conservative Richard Viguerie is calling for politicians to join in what he is calling a “constitutional moment.” He is adding his weight and marketing skills to the so called tax revolt movement. This group rises in credibility as the Colorado governor’s race opens up. The Wall Street Journal reports that Colorado Republicans last week moved to woo restive tea-party activists by setting forth a conservative agenda -- dubbed the "Platform for Prosperity" -- and encouraging all candidates for state office to adopt it.


Old Father William was strangely silent. He and Tom Brady huddled together, passive and bewildered, on the sidelines with their arms drooping by their sides. It was like some big kids had come into the schoolyard and took away the football and wouldn’t give it back. Maybe they never will.

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