Sunday, March 22, 2009

Letter sent in search of an agent or publisher for a book titled: The Year of the Dead Cat: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Agrarian America

Wall Street has a phrase for a market that drops then comes back: A Dead Cat Bounce. But 2009 could be the Year of the Dead Cat because the cat may not come back this time. This time all of Wall Street has failed. If the cat doesn’t come back, it could bring the end of globalization: The end of the globalization of capital and culture as well, as both are hooked up together.

I first predicted the end of globalization several years ago and have been writing on that theme ever since. (I am a “Pundit’s Blog” columnist for The Hill, a political journal in Washington, D.C.) I am looking for an agent on a book titled above about the awakening political trends of the moment. Things are not what they seem. Both investor Marc Faber and the legendary commodities guru Jim Rogers predict a great future for agriculture over the next 30 years.

Rising economy empowers those in its stream and this will mean a great future for the red states in America and a bleak future for the urban financial and industrial areas – the blue states; New York in particular. I predict this will have historic consequences for North America and the world as the Northeast - which brought the South and West into the American federation through military conquest - will increasingly have to look to the South, the West and the heartland for support as it is increasingly unable to find purpose.

"Those investors in London and New York," says Rogers, "will be driving taxis. The farmers will be driving Lamborghinis."