Thursday, January 15, 2009

. . . for anyone interested in Lost
God doesn't know we're here. No one knows we're here. - Henry Gale

Last night’s - Jan 14, '09 – review of previous Lost episodes shows the link to the rising Platonic Month, Aquarius. Technically, the Age of Aquarius started in January, 2000. Ben is identified in season two as the Christ, marked by the Christ wound in his chest. He is tortured in a cell like the Christ in Dostoyevski’s Grand Inquisitor, a chapter in The Brother’s Karamazov. In his cell, John Locke gives him a copy of this book.

In last night’s episode Ben turns the turnstile to “move the island” – shifting the age for Pisces to Aquarius. He enters a “glass” to the North Pole. He is shifting the island to the “New Jerusalem” and lands later in a desert.

John Locke is identified as the new agent; the agent of Aquarius, replacing Ben, the Christ, avatar of the previous Platonic Month. In the lexicon of Lost, at the end of the journey, Ben has become a random killer. Locke goes to the jungle where Ben’s old constituency is waiting for him. Richard Alpert, who never ages, says, “welcome home.”

In Lost, people have historic names. Richard Alpert, leader of Ben’s cult, is the real name of the Harvard professor who, with Timothy Leary started the hippie movement. He took the name Ram Dass and wrote a popular book in the day titled Be Here Now. “Oceanic” airlines is the company name which owns the plane which brought the group to the island. It is the name taken from Orwell’s 1984 of the global America - Oceania. The planes crashes between Platonic Months. More on Lost here.