Sunday, May 25, 2008

Note to DKos: Mudcat Saunders for VA Senate - Mark Warner, Jim Webb, Mudcat Saunders: a Virginia Trifecta

If Obama picks Mark Warner for VP and Novak says Warner has been consulted about this, then the Senate seat Warner is running for in VA would be abandoned. Warner would be the ideal VP to institutionalize the spirit and elan of Obama and bring it 16 years. Mudcat should take over that Senate race. Mudcat would be a great, great Senator for Virginia. He would take the regions with no problem and he also has a kind of folkloric cache in the beltway towns. Underneath the redneck exterior is one of the shrewdest and most able political minds w/ traditional values of country people and the Democratic Party, and he does know how to turn a phrase. Webb, Warner & Mudcat would be a trifecta for Virginia. Do they have that at NASCAR?