Monday, May 26, 2008

Note to DKos: Kathleen Sebelius for VP

Kathleen Sebelius, with Mark Warner, was voted a "Governor of one of the five best managed states in the country" a few years ago. On abilities alone - say if it was something real important like sports - Warner and Sebelius would be first pick for POTUS or VP. Some knowlegeable say Warner has turned down the VP post. It should certainly go then to Sebelius but two issues: one, sez we (Obama camp) should be beholding to Clinton for some reason (white people are afraid of her) and bring in one of her agents but alors, this is not the court of Louis Quattorze and here in the Land of the Free we don't behold - we serve with honor and dignity and character if we are so blessed to be selected to do so and yield with grace and humility if we are not and two: we are at the end of the third-generation; the post-war period has run its course - the least among us have reached the top already and tipped it over so we can only go forward as per American Idol, seeking to be saved by just anybody. And in the lexicon of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Revenge Demons are the currency and they are chosen in place of and instead of the true and gifted . . . and the vastly competent and able like Sebelius are overlooked and left behind. This, in a word, is the Age of Kali.