Thursday, April 04, 2013

If Hillary enters, Newt will be President in 2016

B y Bernie Quigley
For The Hill, on 4/5/13

James Carville says he will support the pro-Hillary super PAC. It starts so soon, because something is wrong. And the something has been wrong since 1992. Or maybe since 1968. It may not be cleared up till 2020. As Hillary enters, the National Review reports today that Newt Gingrich won’t rule out a 2016 run as well. These two, Newt and Hillary, are symbiots,  like yin and yang, moon and sun, the Brontë sisters light and dark and Timothy Leary and G. Gordon Liddy. The question still not settled after all these years and generations is, as Alice said, Who will be Master?
I can accurately document the origins of the recent states rights and separatist movements in America with the entry of Bill Clinton into national politics. There seemed something wrong with it. There still does. My feeling is because he was/is primarily not a politician but a generational cultural (cult) figure; that is, a god king like Dylan, Frodo and Jean Genet to the generation which rose in Lincoln Park holding signs, “Chicks up front!” so the evening news would show bloodied co-eds in the Chicago riots in 1968. They bonded thoroughly through  music, grass, Woodstock, on Wall Street and Nantucket and everywhere, because they were all exactly the same age, born exactly nine months after the farewell to arms in WW II.
And Newt became the anti-Clinton. He still is. And he is a strong force still.  Probably he alone of those who stood on stage at the debates is warrior. He dominated the debates when he chose to and brought their few stellar moments.
WSJ’s Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote of the Newt effect at the Iowa Faith & Coalition forum, “He began with the declaration that Americans were confronting the most important election choice since 1860. America would have the chance in 2012, Mr. Gingrich said, to repudiate decisively decades of leftward drift in our universities and colleges, our newsrooms, our judicial system and bureaucracies. . . He would go on to detail the key policies he would put in place if elected, something other Republican candidates have done regularly to little effect. The Gingrich list was interrupted by thunderous applause at every turn.”
I would love to see Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in 2016, but a big country like America possibly must find a Bismarck to hold together and what Paul wants will wait. That would be Newt. And if Hillary runs, Newt will run as well. It is in the nature of politics that every force will find its equal and opposite force; particle and wave, Newt and Hillary. And if Hillary enters, Newt will be President in 2016.
Newt wants the debates to run endlessly as they did last time. He will get his wish and he will win them. Our American condition is formed by TV. In  McLuhanist terms it is sensory/feeling. As we descend the stairs through TV, our definitive representatives become stand up comics and actors and our public advocates are Tina Fey and Jim Carey; our Mozarts, Cyndi Lauper, our Buddhas, Jim and Tammy Faye. World dominium agencies like Bill Clinton’s “global initiative” – with Hilly his agent abroad - effect only a horde and 850 million friends on Facebook mark the death of American individuation. It is what we have become. In time, small groups, possibly in Kentucky, West Virginia or  Appalachia where the fever runs high and the life force is primal, may demand something better, but not today.
Today it is Newt v. the Clinton World Cartel.

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