Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three scenarios: Obama wins, Palin rises, the Romney Century awakens

Three scenarios arise in November. One, and likely, Obama wins. 67 percent of the people like him. Why would you vote for someone you don't like? Two: Obama wins, the eastern conservatives crash and burn and the westerners, led by Sarah Palin (with Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Ted “Cat Scratch Fever” Nugent) obliterate them in 2016 and a new Jacksonian, libertarian era opens. Three: Romney wins. As scenario one asks, why would you vote for someone you don't really like? Because he has the work ethic the rest of us have lost and we seek to gain it again to save ourselves from the "fiscal cliff." A Romney era could then awaken. And if he does save us we will look to him as we have since 1913 and the  passing of the 17th amendment  to family governance; Kennedy family, Bush family, Clinton family, Romney family. It may be as said, a degeneration into monarchy, but it is a fact. Romney has five tall sons, like the founding family of India. Enter a Romney Dynasty, a Romney Century.

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