Thursday, May 03, 2012

America needs a righteous ad hoc experimental congress of Ron Paul and Jeffersonian renegades.

By Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 5/3/12

Forget the speech at the Republican convention. Let Gingrich have it. Ron Paul now needs a greater, more responsive forum. The Ron Paul Revolution has awakened. The Hill reports yesterday that Ron Paul supporters are taking over state party organizations across the country — and that could spell trouble for Mitt Romney and other establishment Republicans come election time. (Note: yesterday in The Daily Caller Ann Coulter had an essay titled “Deport the Republican establishment.” She is the “Republican establishment.”)

“Paul backers have seized control of the Iowa Republican Party and gained influential roles in Nevada and a number of other states,” says The Hill. “While some are loyal Republicans who happen to hold more libertarian views, others are more strident Paul supporters who are less interested in helping Romney and other more mainstream Republicans get elected in November.”

Wouldn’t the next obvious step be a connecting network of these states, most of them from the heartland, interested and inclined toward Ron Paul and Jeffersonian ideas including states’ rights, Constitutional government and sound money; possibly a “super committee of governors” much like the great ambassador George Kennan advised in his last days.

But there has been so much interrelated thinking now in the past three years that there might even be considered an ad hoc experimental congress of some sort to bring together the related ideas and interested amateurs and professionals.

Participants besides the concerned governors might include “Freedom Watch” Judge Andrew Napolitano, Michael Boldin, founder of The Tenth Amendment Center who was scorned this week by the WSJ (a badge of  honor) for his leadership in state opposition to NDAA, Sarah Palin, the Pauls, Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan, the distinguished Delegate from Virginia Jim LeMunyon who has called for a new Constitutional Convention, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, the brilliant libertarian journalist Jack Hunter, libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, scholar Thomas Woods who writes on nullification, Joe Miller of Alaska, and my neighbors here in New Hampshire, state reps Paul Ingbretson and Dan Itse who first brought the state’s challenge to Obamacare citing Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolutions. And after going through all of her work this week on my children’s’ shelves I would definitely invite Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games.

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