Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The century hangs on Michigan: Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano 2012?

by Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 2/21/12

"I love the Lakes," said Mitt Romney. I do as well and I've never heard someone else who had returned back east say so. I considered the Midwest with the same patronizing condescension that is imprinted on us New Englanders, but after a few years in Ann Arbor I fell in love with the Great Lakes. Camping under the stars at Rabbit Blanket above Lake Superior with the family I felt we'd come to the center of the world as Native Americans see the Lakes and it's life spirit, Manitou. Then when we came back east it seemed almost wrong to do so but duty called. And Romney was governor then of Massachusetts. I came to admire him for these things which no one else seemed to notice. He would seek the simple things and find there substance and strengths. Next week, if Romney wins Michigan, he will sweep the series.

And he will be chosen against Obama because of this: New England and the Northeast goes through periods of meandering and psychological weariness: The Franklin Pierce presidency, cursed from the first, allowing Frederick Douglas to bully them just as Gingrich does today. They chose then Lincoln for strength. Then again the Lost Generation between the wars, they chose FDR for strength and ability. Then the Sixties and Seventies, creative in their awakenings like meanderings, but turning at last to strengthen again with Reagan. We are in such a period now. People don't choose then “left” or “right” in times like this, they then choose necessity of organizational ability and management. They choose survival. And we will choose Romney.

Romney will bring a legacy and 12 years of strengths and a new order and a new vision of America from east to west if he wins Michigan.

But if he loses Michigan it all drifts apart. If Santorum beats Romney on his home turf and in Arizona as well the Super Tuesday votes could go in three directions; Romney, Santorum and Gingrich, with Ron Paul taking his niche. It brings a brokered convention and anything can happen. Commentators fear it and pitch the old school; Jeb Bush and his front man, NJ Governor Chris Christie. Always the same. But Sarah Palin will surely enter as well because of this formula: If Jeb Bush, then Sarah Palin. And she could well consolidate that new strong force rising – Tea Party, Constitutional conservatives, “common sense conservatives,” state sovereigntists and Tenth Amendment advocates, and there is a good chance of it. Conservatism has bristled with creativity these past three years. Ron Paul has suggested Judge Andrew Napolitano for his vice president.

Ron Paul it appears could consolidate with Romney. They like each other and have personal substantive issues in common – family and the private man first - so Romney could skate through.

Romney/Paul brings the new century and so would Romney/Nikki Haley. Palin/Rick Perry brings a new century as well. Christie/Bush brings the last century again. And the century hangs on Michigan and the Great Lakes.

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