Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Joe Miller: We are at a sea change.

By Bernie Quigley

For The Hill on 11/16/10

As Israelis increasingly come to understand, American leadership at the top can no longer be taken seriously. Last week would bring a paen to his beloved friend beautifully displayed on the op-ed pages of the NYT by a former American President, hoping to “finish Rabin’s work” – not sure what he means by that - the better to help out the missus in corralling those pesky bearded Jews in furry hats to fit into his “global initiative.” This week it is announced that the same American president will be doing a cameo in “Hangover 2.” Hey, Bud. Let's party! And so, in Israel, a Tea Party arises. For exactly the same reasons it arose in the United States.

“Is there life after America?” Moshe Feiglin, a religious Jew who wants to turn the “State of Jews” into a “Jewish state” asks. Feiglin needs to meet fellow soldier Joe Miller. I believe they would find kinship.

My article yesterday for The Hill, “Joe Miller for President,” hit a nerve. I’ve been following the evolution of the so-called Tea Party movement since day one: Full disclosure: I was one of the ones who instigated it in northern New England. There is a basic anthropology which enters into movements like this to bring only one or two distinguished individuals to the fore. Such an original movement starts with a folksy people’s revival “from the earth” like the Tea Party; then there will be an elegant “La Passionara”; a heroic anima spirit, like Sarah Palin; then a Trickster like Glenn Beck who will rise quickly and wake people up, then fade away. Then the one archetypal figure rises out to be the leader. That I believe will be Joe Miller.

Lisa Murkowski is a perfect foil for Miller and this new and growing movement. When Ron Paul ran parallel to the traditional Republicans in 2008, he changed the substance of conservatism considerably; probably forever. In two years we are no longer on the Marx v. Keynes matrixes which dominated all of last century. We are now Keynes v. Hayek and into a new century. A completely new paradigm is upon us.

Joe could and should be the catalyst to this new movement. Because this is about states and regions. It is about economy and debt and responsibility. And it is about governors, not senators. From a leadership point of view it is about reeducating governors to understand that they are and were intended to be the primary leaders in America. And after 200 years of conquest and conditioning, it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT FOR GOVERNORS TO LEARN TO WEILD POWER than for senators and the executive to LEARN TO YIELD POWER. This is the new ethic; the new paradigm.

Tea party is passion and it has reached its limit in the U.S. and so has Senatorial discord and discussion. This is an issue for the states. We need now to enter a new level of engagement and governors should lead the way. History swirls around one individual when a movement rises. He is what W.J. Cash called, the historic figure that embodies the archetype of change: “the man in the center.” That would be Joe Miller. Good for soldiers. Good for America. And in Israel, rising now in a parallel event to this, it could well be Moshe Feiglin.


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