Monday, September 06, 2010

Israel needs a king

by Bernie Quigley

coming up at The Hill on 9/7/10

The political theater that is the current round of Middle East peace talks continues in the realm of incredulousness that is the American globalist illusion. The fantasy that we control things in the world. Certainly at some turn Hillary will appear with that domineering school marm charm holding hands with the duly submissive Netanyahu and Abbas to announce “We have an agreement!” Hillary will then travel to Egypt for a photo op of her hugging on to some oversized women in the marketplace. Then maybe she will run for President. Then she will lose and that will be the end of it. Israel can then bring forth the grownups.

But before that happens they must play along with the American tempo. They must pretend that Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is the same kind of man as Joe Biden or Dick Cheney and the others here who have never seen death in war or been threatened by extinction even on a daily basis for over a 100 years. Until then they must be reflected in the American light prism in which when the Associated Press refers to Netanyaho’s foreign minister as “hawkish” it means to those listening someone like Ollie North or one of Bush’s staffers or some Ivy League twit at the National Review.

But then Israel must distinguish itself not as a well-educated and mother-bound suburban province of Philadelphia as Netanyahu presents it today, where the children play soccer and everyone gets a little trophy, but as a warrior state, which it will need to be for some time longer, well till when Hillary, Bill, Joe and Barack and their high priests Bono, Elvis and Lady Gaga are well forgotten. And in American years, it won’t be that long.

Israel must then find her king. Ours is a timely state loosely held together by cash, hubris and football. Israel is a timeless state. Like Canada, England, Sweden, Thailand and Japan, she needs an extra-political force to hold steady in the water and stabilize a parliamentary realm which will take the hits of time and uncertainty, to awaken and preserve again that which is timeless. Israel is a state marked in timelessness by kings. She will not be that state again until the king returns.

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