Friday, March 19, 2010

The Clintons and Israel - draft

- add quote from Cohen

Diplomatic relations with Israel in the 1990s should be comprehensively reviewed from top to bottom as it has become clear since that the President at the time was on the take. That his wife is now Secretary of State completes the irony.

But it is not the casual million dollar bribes – one to get an Israeli businessman out of jail – that will bring Bill to historic infamy. Not the 50 gold watches. Not the white trash adolescent sexuality pioneered by him, customary now among governors of all races, but the signing of the Oslo Agreements with Yasher Arafat in 1993. He may still be the NYT's best friend, but most by now would consider this ally of Saddam in the Gulf War a terrorist.

Relations with Israel come back to center this week with Joe Biden’s visit to Israel. Must have been tough for a guy whose father was a “righteous” supporter of Israel as Obama seems not to like Israel but is kind of blue on its enemies.

In the mid 15th century, Prague had come to a crossroads. Rabbi Loeb dreamed that he had conjured a Golem. The light had gone out of Europe. Jewry The Jews that left Prague, Chile, Stalingrad, cherry Hill, NJ, on the most astonishing inner journey in human history, known as “the return” meeting untold horrors along the way, are almost there. They are five feet away from the center; the “center of the universe” – the Temple Mount. Anyone who thinks that getting yelled at now by Hillary will stop them is misguided.