Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Globalist illusion - draft
The problem with a country as vast as ours is that like a huge battleship or aircraft carrier, it is difficult to turn around. It is not versitile. This past week on my local access TV which comes out of the Northeast Kingdom in northern Vermont, a local China enthusiast was celebrating Chinese political character. He used the phrase Chimerica, first brought on by Harvard professor Niall Ferguson declaring that the key relationship in the economi world was between china nd America and probably China was the relevant member of that team. It was a good idea, but more recently, Professor Ferguson was warned that the dynamics of that relationship are no longer relevant or particularly healthy. They didn’t get the message up at the Northeast Kingdom.
Today the New York Times reports, “As China has flooded the world with exports, it has edged out suppliers from other developing countries. This was bad enough when the world economy was growing briskly.”
Now China’s strategy is doing considerably more harm, they say.
There is a scolding tone to the Times essay, but as Hu Jintao pointed out in the recent Copenhagen meeting on climate change, the United States and the West are no longer in the position to scold. (headlines)
The thing that has changes from then to now is our idea of globalism and globalization. Woodrow Wilson popularized the idea of “one world” while “internationalism” – the theme and framework of style from the early 20th century; Telford Taylor’s war crimes trials at the end of WW II and the UN, all took for granted that we were rising now to one unified world with America its avatar.
As early as
It was god-king realm from Elvis and the Beatles to Hillary and Bill. But the rise may be over.
It is natural for regions to divide between East and West, heart and head, uptown and downtown. The shift in dominance in the United States occurred in the regions in the 1830s because more economic power poured into the northern regions. We are at such a turning again but this time the world is dividing and Hillary won’t help an Elvis won’t help. At this turning we as Americans and possibly the West hoave to begin to think how we can live happily and productively within our own framework. It may be the framework we are left with because China is already carving out its own.

- Not how China has now its own internal development abilities actualized by the 130 million in Pearl Valley which forms and indegeneous management class.