Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Obama Quaternity: Obama, Sebelius, Wes Clark (Jim Webb), Sam Nunn

In a DKos diary, Eve says that Wes Clark is the " . . . magical partner" for Barack Obama. A commentator adds that General Clark recently introduced Kathleen Sebelius to a crowd calling her the "next Vice President of the United States."

My comment - The Obama Quaternity: Obama, Sebelius, Clark, Nunn . . .

or Obama, Sebelius, Jim Webb and Sam Nunn. If y’all did a Myers-Briggs study of "types in a group" or one of those comparables that they use in "quality circles" in corporate TQM exercises (and I’m sure Sebelius and Clark have taken part in these in their professions), I think you would find Obama (POTUS)/Clark compatible and Sebelius(VP)/Clark compatible as Arthur/Merlin combinations. It is a thing we used to use in which King Arthur (Obama, POTUS or Sebelius, VP), the Extrovert, requires Merlin (Clark), the Introvert, to see inward and give analysis and suggest direction. Whereas, Merlin, the Introvert, requires King Arthur, the Extravert, to have his inner analysis applied to the outside world to that Arthur may give accurate final direction. The one is incapable without the other. And further, one’s introverted or extroverted abilities can be observed in the analyses over events and situations over their (Clark’s) long career. It is correct as Eve says here: Clark’s analysis of the war on Iraq was instinctive, exact and correct from the beginning while most everyone else was either wrong or lacked the character to act independently or just following the crowd and the market surveys (leave them out). So were Jim Webb’s and Obama’s positions correct. (As a sitting Governor, Sebelius had no right to publicly comment.) And if you look at his full career, you might determine that this was the best analysis in Clark’s career; that it was virtually flawless; that he was acting at the maximal ability of his personality type. In other previous areas (globalist issues rather than national [internal] issues) his analysis in comparison might be seen as not maximizing his type. I would say that is the case. And Clark would patch up the deal with the Clintons if they find that necessary. And no question, Obama likes Clark and had wanted him on his team at the time of the second Yearly Kos.

Hopefully President Obama could lead the way in bringing the same excellence in management to the Oval Office and Administration that we bring to everyday corporate life (or professional sports, which is probably the best we do). (If not, we are at the end of federalism. Ron Paul understands this.) It might be nice for a change to do some testing and not just hire a bunch of friends or hanger-ons; some of which could well be whack jobs and sociopaths and Revenge Demons like we have seen invasive in the Oval Office in times not so distant past.

Note: A Quaternity is a full psychological realm of compatible personality types. If you Google it, it will come up as the "fundamantal unit of reality" in science as well as psychology and mythology. (Seinfeld is a Quaternity, Frasier is a Quaternity, The Wizard of Oz is a fundamental Quaternity and an original American Creation Myth.)