Saturday, April 26, 2008

Obama, Bloomberg, Schwarzenegger Triumverate: Obama and Bloomberg = Roosevelt and Eisenhower

A voice of the Rising Generation calls forth on Daily Kos and asks the question, "Would Mike Bloomberg be a good Vice President for Barack Obama," bringing forth cries from the heart and distress.

But it is a good idea today especially as it looks as if McCain is turning to Romney. It will destroy all McCain's credibility as a decent American who opposes torture as Romney is second only to Torquenada in this area.

Obama should snag Bloomberg AND his bud Arnold Schwarzenegger as the "post partisan" model for the new century.

In this model Obama is the transcendent leader, like Roosevelt, who has the job of choosing a supreme manager, like Eisenhower - even more important than VP (Jim Webb or Kathleen Sebelius possibly), a task force perhaps on environment with Bloomberg/Arnold sharing chair and given highest national priority (based on the Mark Lynas premise of warming in Six Degrees). Other things - including the current millennialist religious hysteria in the Middle East - come with the dust and are gone with the wind. But the picture presented by Lynas in his books presents a problem that will not go away and may well take us away.

These two men - Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger - are the best managers in the country and like Eisenhower, they have the ability to identify the problem in its largest sphere and apply the suitable fix.

My feeling is that other Republicans will have no ability in this (environment), neither will Gore. Gore is a scholar not a fixer and manager - he has done his part well. The Republicans and half the Democrats have the "earth caretaker" position - they like it because it is in the Bible. But this premise is ill suited and narrow (and the Bible story is about investing money).

Ultimately we do not care for the earth; the earth cares for us - ours is a primal and symbiotic relationship (a Taoist/Buddhist view get more to the nature of the issue).

Obama's writing in The Audacity of Hope shows he has the supple and subtle mind; his understanding in the "religion" chapter in particular of the complex positions of Adams, Henry and Jefferson and how the elite conspired specifically to keep out the Baptists and the common people, shows he has the abilities for transcendent leadership; that is, Obama has the ability to see things to their core and solve them there.