Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bill Clinton: Man Without a Country

By Bernie Quigley for The Free Market News Network on 3/22/08

From Sam Stein at The Huffington Post:

MSNBC is reporting that on the campaign trail today in Charlotte, North Carolina, the former president said a general election matchup between his wife, Sen. Clinton, and Sen. John McCain would be between "two people who love this country" without "all this other stuff that always seems to intrude itself on our politics."

Former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton has applied propaganda strategies like we have not seen since the Jim Crow days, implying that Obama would be unfit to be President of the United States through innuendo, mnemonic slander and word and theme association, because he is black.

Understandably, it has been a bad week for the Clintons. The country as a whole has been through a major cultural turning due to a speech given by Barack Obama that will be remembered through the ages. Until now Obama was compared to Jack Kennedy. Now he is being compared to Lincoln. Can’t be good when the comments coming out of the mouths of Clinton apparatchiks call to mind Paulie Walnuts.

The implication now, of course, of the current slander, is that Barack Obama is not a patriot. This is Scorched Earth policy coming from the Few and the Brave: Ferraro, Ellen, Penn, James Carville and The Clinton Cult. There are three parties now: The Democrats, the Republicans and the Clintons; two parties and a personality cult.

Clinton calling on patriotism to soldiers in North Carolina is astonishing. I am a veteran and lived in the hills of North Carolina during the Clinton Presidency. If any veteran in those parts was Fond of Bill it escaped my attention. Many started carrying Glocks publicly, raising Rottweilers and joining local militia groups in direct response to Clinton's amateurish and irresponsible tenure, considering it a failure of federalism and a complete abdication of moral character.

Indeed, veterans and soldiers I knew in North Carolina hated Clinton. Many veterans considered him a coward and an expedient. During the Clinton Presidency two secession groups started; The League of the South and The New England Confederation. Both of these groups - which have now morphed into several - considered the Clinton Administration to be a complete failure of American character and decided it was time to move on. The red state/blue state division - civil war by other means - also directly returns to the character of Bill Clinton and his tenure as President.

To dig back: Here in New England we tend to not be flag wavers, but there are stern standards of the traditions of duty and service which we tend to teach through the most dour of moral parables. Edward Everett Hale's Man Without a Country pushed upon us round the seventh grade in rural Rhode Island public school comes to mind. It is the moral lesson of a man who was less than patriotic and responsive to duty as the elders determined, and who was, like Bush, Cheney and Clinton, condemned to a life of constant overcompensating or under compensating. That is, when he was asked to cross the first river as his life opened he did not. And was condemned subsequently to wander as if in a fog in his elder years and remain there throughout, exiled and alone as a ship at sea, an aging Child of God lost in his own head.