Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shiva Turning: New England Nation

by Bernie Quigley for The Free Market News Network, 11/2/07

The Hillary camp's Cajun Cartel surreptitiously proselytizes the draft in WW II "common man" nostalgia (they are 15 years too late) while the Repubs will stay more likely to the current system: For the Dems it is a two-track approach, one travels the land with sentimental stories of heroism by common draftees and parables of great wars, while the central character lies outright. In any case, America has lost its identity to the incipient monarchist incursion of personality cult - Bush, Clinton - and federalism has reached the end of its decent interval.

" . . . 50 more years of war," says General Abizaid. Would be better if they taught the pseudo-monarchs and Generals they send to Oxford as Rhodes scholars something more advanced than sociology and Carroll Quigley: They become, as Toynbee said, imprisoned by their learning rather than awakened by it. Did any of these aparatchiks ever read Kipling? Koestler? Doris Lessing? Malraux?

Indeed, did they read George Kennan, America's greatest ambassador since Franklin, and who, according to a distinguished Vermont professor who spoke to him on his death bed, later in life proposed decentralizing the U.S. into a “dozen constituent republics” including New England, the Middle Atlantic states, the Middle West, the Northwest, the Southwest (including Hawaii), Texas, the Old South, Florida, Alaska, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles: “To these entities I would accord a larger part of the present federal powers than one might suspect—large enough, in fact, to make most people gasp"?

The West doesn't plan for 50 years. It cannot plan for five years. It is the nature of Hamiltonian federalism; it is from beginning of the rise of northern imperialism in the 1830s (which forced Canada to confederation) to advancing foreign adventures in the 1880s, to the rise to American globalism after WW II entirely a product of rising capital; an angel which has now passed elsewhere. Today capital has reached equilibrium - Wall St. is only one of many brokers and no longer the most important. New York had only three things: Wall St., the Yankees, and The New York Times. Now it has no purpose.

But as New York declines, New England ascends. The Curse was always the shadow of dominance by New York which embittered and incapacitated New England; not since Babe Ruth but since the Civil War. It has been said that the South found its identity in the Civil War. But New England lost hers. Today it awakens, and at the center of Boston there is suddenly a little zen temple named Dice-K.

We have been experiencing an end game since Reagan's passing and the Reagan Presidency itself was a last stand. The monarchist tendency, the Congress of Peeps, the incompetence of fed administrators, the preemptive policy, the failure of the dollar and the view of America abroad as pariah are organic consequences in the natural path of failure.

But things don't ever end; they change. They transform from one thing to the next; they waste their skin. The only defense against waterboarding is New England nationalism. Can we not begin to sell our own New England treasury bonds? Can we send our own representative to the UN?