Sunday, October 14, 2007

NH Northern Counties Should Seek Statehood Status: Ron Paul is NH

By Bernie Quigley for The Free Market News Network on 10/14/07

Senator Clinton is way ahead in New Hampshire. The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion has her at 40%. Her closest rival is at 20 percent. If she wins the state, the northern counties of New Hampshire should begin to call for separate statehood status.

New Hampshire is Ron Paul. You see it everywhere – on oversized signs in Warren, Woodsville and Lisbon, in the local papers and at state fairs. He has taken the imagination of the Live Free or Die state and more than anyone in today’s Presidential race he represents the instincts, ethic and the mythic tradition of independence that brought people to like him up here as we once liked John McCain and others too rich for the blood of the mainstream federalist consensus.

New Hampshire is today the most Jeffersonian of states in a nation of mass-minded and manipulated corporate consumers which have forgotten what Jefferson awakened in the world. We wear independence on our license plates and when a foreign leader like the newly elected Nicolas Sarcozy, intent on changing France’s destiny, wants to show a flinty independence, his first symbolic act it to come to our cold lakes to bask. We even have a movie nowadays with Bruce Willis busting thing up under the anthem of our state motto.

But right now Ron Paul is New Hampshire.

It may seem odd that this same environment would want to send Hillary Clinton – who seems on closer inspection more a Mrs. Harry Truman than a Mrs. Clinton – the apogee of middle mind; middle age; middle management mid’lin – to the highest numbers in the polls.

It is simple demographics. The tax rate up here is an attraction to outsiders who are not particularly independent of spirit but simply want to avoid responsibility. That is, they want cradle to grave federal care same as in Massachusetts and pre-Sarcozy France, but want others to pay the bill. (A condition of the Mid’lin Class: neither master nor man and woman, but mid’lin – they want to live like the Eloi and the royals of 17th century France, but still have the attitudes of the proletariat ancestors). These people are generally from the industrial top of Massachusetts and have just in recent times moved across the border.

The trouble is, they have brought Massachusetts with them.

New Hampshire still has the right stuff which gave it its reputation, but now it is invariably overwhelmed by the mass market corporate culture which has moved across to the bottom of the state.

If we could have a primary of just us in the northern New Hampshire counties – which is most of the state and mostly mountains - and exclude the few counties of the Massachusetts people in the flatland south – the Massachusetts “pseudo states” or economic colonies - we could once again express our native independence and Ron Paul would very well win the state.

We have seen this new condition of voting in recent elections and it was illustrated most vividly in ’04 at the frozen top of the state, Dixville Notch, which might be considered essence of New Hampshire, when Wes Clark won up to 80 percent of the vote. And as with Ron Paul today, large Wes Clark signs dotted the northern landscape (sometimes to the distress of the Massachusetts people who would if they could, zone their property to outlaw pick up trucks . . . they also feel the big political signs benighted their neighborhoods). But at the end of the day it was all John Kerry, same as in Massachusetts.

If Senator Clinton or one of those milquetoast others of both parties wins this state the northern counties above industrialized Manchester on the southern tip should seek independent state status – call that Free State status – to restore our independence of mind and influence. And while we are traveling there we might call for a state Constitution Convention to retool our old state Constitution. Consider the new with Jefferson in mind and Madison, and find a state Constitution to fit the times and temperament.

After we ditched the Massachusetts people in the south we might for example specify in our new state Constitution that before the U.S. President can send New Hampshire men and women to war against China, Russia, all of Islam and the other of its now so many enemies (I added these up using the CIA Factbook and it comes to at least 2.5 billion people against the 301 million in the U.S.; but then we have Blackwater), she would need permission from the New Hampshire Governor. And when President Hillary attempts to reestablish the draft to show her manlies, as she is certain to do under the advice of the Clinton Cajun Cartel which keeps her on her populist and nostalgico course, she would need our permission to press into service from our state.

If this came about the northern counties should be called New Hampshire. We would not be creating a new state, we would only be restoring that which we once were and finding again that which we have lost or had taken away from us. The southern counties could be called North Massachusetts. But Little Massachusetts would be better. We used to call small towns which resembled big towns “little” in old New England, and the littles always do best to follow Mother.


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent and informative analysis. I am hearten to read that the candidate that I like, Ron Paul, is becoming well-known and appreciated in my favorite of all the states, New Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

State-based patriotism flakiness.

Anonymous said...

Great article. RON PAUL 2008!

Anonymous said...

I have committed to moving to New Hampshire through the Free State Project by 2009. Hope my vote there will help things a bit.

Great article!

Nick Manning said...

So, is it safe to say Ron Paul wins NH for the GOP primaries? How much will the flatlanders lend votes to Romney or Giuliani? Need I worry?

Anonymous said...

I think the new state should be called New New Hampshire! LOL!


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