Friday, September 28, 2007

Note to Arnold Schwarzenegger: Regionalize the Food Supply

The Goverator needs to hook up with the world famous Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and bring her ideas and vision of "regional produce" and farming to a greater North American market - regionalization of food and all services cuts down travel and is therefore good for the environment; regionalization also helps forster "local identity" - lobsters should identify Maine people, jumbo with New Orleans, etc., etc. - nature brings people this way over the ages. Mitt Romney understands regionalization as a practical management tool and has practised it in New England. It is also a national security issue: diversity of local foods adapted to natural circumstances protects against failure of globalized agribusiness and threats to the global food system; "community tier" economy also protects economy from global meltdown - it adds a new layer to economy free from the vissisitudes and vagaries of globalization: one could even sell California "regional" bonds or New England bonds. Mitt Romney uses the phrase "one size fits all federalism" - makes for a bland people if not to say a bunch of lemmings and Leviathan's hordes.