Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quigley and The Hill on Rush - July 28, 2009

Rush Limbaugh posted my Hill piece, Is Obama a Snob:

Story #5: State-Run Media Blog Asks: Is Obama a Snob?

RUSH: There's a great piece, by the way, at The Hill. This is another thing I can't believe. The Hill is part of state-controlled media. I can't believe this piece. It is a blog post but I still can't believe it, it's on The Hill. "Is Obama a Snob?" It's written by a blogger here named Bernie Quigley. "Did Harvard's Professor Gates Sink Obama? -- On July 21, Dick Morris commented in The Hill that superficially, the United States appears to have a presidential system, but in fact it more and more resembles a parliamentary form of government. When a president loses the approval of the majority of the voters and polls reflect that his ratings have fallen substantially below 50 percent, he loses his power."

I shared that Morris piece with you when it came out. "Now that Cambridge intends to 'open a dialogue' ... in the elite college neighborhoods where the president has spent most of his adult life, it will continue to grind him down. He'll be at 45 percent by September." This Bernie Quigley says that you've got two Bostons here. You've got Fenway Park and you've got Harvard; you've got the sergeant and you've got Gates. And who does Obama identify with? Obama identifies with the snob professor, who doesn't know half of his own department's expertise. So the theory -- I'm making this brief -- Mr. Quigley suggests, "Obama instantly alienated himself from the vast world of common folk he so hopes to save. And next week's trek to Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard, storied for late-night, drug-addicted, burned-out Saturday Night ... types will bring more fuel for scorn.

"Back in 1977, long before it caught on in Texas and Alaska, the two detached ocean towns actually tried to secede from the boorish, coarse, brutes and Morlocks of Red Sox Nation to form their own fashionably stoned hippie wonderland and overwhelming majorities voted to secede from Massachusetts and possibly the nation." It never happened obviously. But now Mr. Quigley theorizes here: "Is Obama a snob? Does he see himself only as a title in caricature and dress up as snobs do? As Kerry does. As Barbara Boxer does. Does he to himself feel he doesn't belong where he is, as snobs do? Is his only talent giving speeches? Why is he so associated with pretenders? Why would he seem uncomfortable with plain, original, solid [people]? "People like Al Roker or Tony Dungy. People like James Crowley. I simply can't imagine him disappearing alone in a smoke-filled Legion Hall and finding his way to the bar to sit and talk to the old soldiers who are drinking already at 10 a.m., as I have seen Wesley Clark do." And get this last line: "Is that why Jesse Jackson and the regular-folk Chicago preachers hate him?" Bernie Quigley, but maybe not for long.